Climate Change : The Crime of All Time
 The big missing climate solution

Today, we are fixed on a world energy economic scenario that will lead to a global temperature in- crease of at least 2°C before 2050 and 6°C by 2100 (accounting for amplifying feedback emissions).

 The UN negotiations are deadlocked, and by all accounts will remain so for years. We really are looking at the end of the world, but the issue of subsidies to GHG-polluting industries is not on the negotiation agenda.

Incredibly, there are two great gaps in the climate change mitigation agenda:

(1) subsidies that promote GHG pollution with switching them to non-polluting alternatives and
(2) expert recommendations to correct the suicidal subsidy situation. 

􏰀 Without correcting the GHG-polluting subsidies, planetary catastrophe is to be expected, and there is no more time to waste in order to avoid it.

􏰀There are reasons from the climate change science why stopping all GHG-polluting subsidies and switching subsidies for clean development is the only effective mitigation. These are climate change commitment* and zero carbon.

􏰀Stopping all fossil fuel subsidies and switching direct subsidies (‘Stop and switch’) to clean zero carbon everlasting energy is a ‘no brainer,’ is supported by the economics, and the only way to a zero carbon world instead of the end of the world.

􏰀The lack of pressure on governments by civil society and climate change experts to stop all GHG-polluting subsidies is astounding.

There are powerful forces blocking subsidy reform, and as a consequence, only the most powerful voice can achieve subsidy correction.  The leading influential professional institutions must lead the way on this, right away.

It is obviously the duty and in the best interests of us all to make this obvious demand to our governments. Energy subsidies are expensive, damage the climate, and disproportionately benefit the well off. Climate Change World Bank Group. Win-Win Energy Policy Reforms

  The full truth of the fossil fuel subsidies. 

                   How big are they really?

                         US$ TRILLIONS

The big investigation and surprise in researching fossil fuel subsidies book turned out to be finding how much the fossil fuel industries are really being subsidized in total. 

Since our research the IMF has estimated fossil subsidies at US$5.3 trillion in 2015, or 6.5 percent of global GDP.

There is a long record that stopping fossil fuel subsidies is a major climate change mitigation measure. 

The fossil fuel subsidies add up to many trillions of dollars a year.

Public polls show people do not approve of these deadly pollution promoting subsidies. By continuing these enormous subsidies to the fossil industries governments are condemning the world global climate catastrophe and at least the death of billions from terrible losses of water, food, and health.

By not demanding subsidies be switched to clean zero carbon everlasting energy strongly enough we are inviting the end of civilization from the collapse of agriculture and civilization. 

The upside of the enormous subsidies is that ‘stop and switch’ is an enormously powerful measure to take us off the Doomsday scenario and humanity headed instead for a Golden Age.
The crime of the enormous amount of subsidizing  the fossil fuel industry is so incredibly outrageous, so scandalous in the extreme,  that I decided to make a pdf on the issue in 2014. I discovered that the subsidies amounted the trillions of dollars and so correcting all the subsidies is the most powerful and effective solution to global warming, climate change, and ocean acidification. 

STOP & SWITCH: fossil fuel subsidies PDF
Climate Crime 
Fossil Fuel Subsidies