Climate Crime 
Deadly Conspiracy of Denial
The general response to the now inevitable terrible future impacts of the acummulated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is denial. This is mainly due to the climate denial industry that was made in the USA.  The US Congress has always been opposed to legislation/regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The US fossil fuel energy and automobile corporations started a open conspiracy of denial to deceive the public and policy makers and to counter the IPCC back in 1989 through the Global Climate Coalition. From there and then on the denial progaganda has been constant and has spread throughout society aided by the huge influence that the fossil fuel industry exerts in the US at all societal levels.  

Special fossil fuel interest institutes set up in the US have fought the climate science and scientists for 20 years. 

They aggressively attack the climate scientists and lie about the science in the media and on the world wide web. They also harress the climate scientists.  
Their greatest coup was the pre Cophenhagen Climate Conference 'Climate gate' campaign.

The corporate media cooperated with the minority skeptic science PR campaign by presenting their case against the reality of global warming on an equivalent level as the climate scientists. The media consistently referred to global warming and its risks in terms of 'some scientists believe' and such like.

James Hogan (Desmogblog)
News interview video.
Koch Bros Latest Oil industry denial campaign News video Greenpeace.
Koch Bros Latest Oil industry denial campaign  News video.
The Guardian/UK Nov 2010

Is Climate Science Disinformation a Crime Against Humanity?

PR businessman James Hogan says this. Few PR offences have been so obvious, so successful and so despicable as this attack on the science of climate change. It has been a triumph of disinformation – one of the boldest and most extensive PR campaigns in history, primarily financed by the energy industry and executed by some of the best PR talent in the world.

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April 2018
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