This site is being developed as a resource for the use of the growing climate justice movement and as a record of the crime of all time. 

It is being developed out of respect to the most basic human rights human rights of today's most climate change vulnerable populations and of all future generations. 

This is a site that has to be developed for all today's children and for all generations after them.  The case against today's world powers, and of course the climate denial campaign,  must at least documented.

Top world climate change expert James Hansen is right in implying that  fossil fuel corporations are committing a crime against humanity. The sooner it is, the better for us all. 

If our civilization is challenged with the reality of what continuing to emit greenhouse gases - and at an increasing rate!- means, surely there would be a change of heart.  

World leaders and those leading institutions that are perpetrating and permitting this crime to continue must be held accountable for their  actions and inaction 
Climate Change : The Crime of All Time
Definition of a 'crime against humanity'.

serious attack on human dignity or grave .. degradation of .. human beings-- --widespread or systematic practice--
government policy --  tolerated or condoned -- against civilian population --with knowledge 

 The Rome Statute Crimes against humanity
       Climate Crime
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.And that is what is at stake, our ability to live on planet Earth, to have a future as a civilization. I believe this is a moral issue, it is our time to rise again to secure our future.  Al Gore. 

Climate Science Denial
​ Dr. Peter Carter
​and Elizabeth Woodworth
Foreward by James E. Hansen
April 2018
Clarity Press