The predominant moral issue of the 21st century ... will be climate change. 
​Fossil fuel addiction, if unabated, threatens our children and grandchildren, and most species on the planet.  
​ (James Hansen 2010)


Already in 2009 an estimated 300,000 people a year were being killed by climate change, by the  the Global Humanitarian Forum's Human Impact Report

In the 2012 the humanitarian organization DARA's Climate Vulnerability Monitor   estimated 400,00 are killed by global climate change every years, in a study  ​​​independent of the Human Impact Report.

Due to unavoidable inertias all future generations are already committed to a global ​​warming ​​temperature ​​increase far higher than today's (1.0C). The combined national UN pledges on emissions lead to a large INCREASE in emissions by 2030 which  is a warming of 3C up to 4C C by 2100, which is over 5C after 2100. 

This condemns billions of people to devastating losses of water, food, and health. UNEP in its 2009 4th Global Environmental Outlook made worldwide headlines, saying global climate change impacting on top of other ongoing unmitigated global environmental degradations threatens the very ​​survival of humanity .
Changing the Planet's Climate -  the Crime of All Time 
1.5 minute video
21 July 2015 California Gov.  ​Jerry Brown Takes On Climate Change-Denying Troglodytes'

"We are talking about extinction."

​The Governor is right on both counts.

The climate change denying campaigners are crazed money mad fossil​​ fuel fanatics, who are now pushing the world over multiple climate change tipping points, from which there is no return and no future.

​​Global warming, climate change and ocean acidification, are committed (locked in) to be much greater than todays. They are also 'for ever' - many thousands of years​.

This makes continued (and increasing) emissions of greenhouse gases, the crime of all time.
2016 Climate Justice  The international momentum towards climate litigation
Climate crime in the academic literature 2012 CLIMATE CHANGE: A STATE-CORPORATE CRIME PERSPECTIVE 
The Dec 2015 well intended UN Paris Agreement turns out to be  a global death sentence.

It was called a sham and a fraud​​- and so it is.

​​The 2 May UN Climate Secrertariat Update of  estimated 'intended'  from national emissions targets (INDCs) finds no change since the Paris Conference- global emissions will be higher in 2013. That is a literal global dath sentence for our future.

​Paris Climate Accord: Crime Against Communities
US dangerous climate change denying from administration republican government
President  Trump's Republican administration's maximizing fossil fuel energy and minimizing environmental protection trumps all other crimes against humanity- combined ! 

​​His Energy Position would bring about the collapse of world agriculture (including the US), the  end of civilisation and the end of most life on Earth including the human race. 

He would be supported by the dangerous climate change denial and fossil fuel energy pushing policies of  ​Republican Party holding power in both US Houses. The 2016 Republican platform explained in the Grist report  continues US Republican Party's  opposition to prevent total climate and oceans catastrophe from continued fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions.     
The 2016 US ​Republican election sweep and Trump elected for president.
The biggest and worst news for the global  ​climate and oceans is the 2016 Republican  ​sweep of the US election, with the win by D. Trump. It is much more than a political shock. It is an Earth shattering event, because of his election platform on energy.

​​​​The Republican Party for year has been the political arm of the dangerous climate change denial campaign

Here, is what D. Trump promised to do regarding energy in his election campaign.
  • Unleash America’s $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil, and natural gas reserves, plus hundreds of years in clean coal reserves.
  • Open onshore and offshore leasing on federal lands, eliminate moratorium on coal leasing, and open shale energy deposits.

​The Trump Presidency therefore  is much more than the greatest  threat to US national and world security. It is the greatest threat to the  survival of humanity. 

Deadlocked international climate negotiations
​ condemns the future to ​catastrophic global
​climate change

​As of 2018 the international climate negotiations under the United
​Nations 1992 framework convention on climate change continued
​to make no progress due to a continued obstruction by large
​industrial eyes fossil fuel using and the fossil fuel producing countries. 
​Under the non binding national emissions targets global emissions
​are projected to substantially increase by 2030 leading to a global
​warming by 2100 of over 3° C, which will be much higher after 2100. 
Deadly increasing greenhouse gas atmospheric pollution data trends
Still increasing global greenhouse gas emissions (including ​CO2)
Global expansion of fossil fuel extraction and distribution 
​W​ith the exception of Sweden ​all countries are expanding their fossil fuel extraction and distribution, including low income developing countries
Global climate change locked in commitment is over 2C (IPCC 2014 5th assessment​ 2012 projection)
Almost all governments are subsidizing fossil fuel production 
Global fossil fuel subsidies amount to US$Trillions a year (IMF)

Climate Science Denial
Dr. Peter Carter and Elizabeth Woodworth
Foreward by James E. Hansen

April 2018
Clarity Press
Overt and covert climate change science denial
​In various ways practically all governments are denying the science
​of global climate change by continuing with energy policies that are
​driving the acceleration of atmospheric carbon dioxide and ocean